Hard boiled eggs and Nutella.

I was standing there
in the exact spot where we feel in love two years ago.
I felt you.
The exact spot where you told me that you where never going to leave me.
I felt you
in my hips.
I felt those promises run down my throat slowly.
I thought that nothing could ever take that moment away form me
but the mear mention of your name destroys me.

I felt a necessity to go back to every street
every corner you grabbed me to still a kiss
every bridge I visited with you
I thought that if I could revisit those places without you,
that I could start to feel that you never happen,
that you never existed.

Boy if I was wrong!
I looked for you in another man, and I found you.
The same witty laugh,
the same devoured look on the face when he took me into his arms.
I found you and tried to love you again,
I tried
to relive those days as if they never ended.
I dind't feel the same.

He hated hard boiled eggs.

You where long gone 
and I thought that replacement was the answer to my pain.
Little did I know that I only made the wound bigger.
I called you.
"And I must admit it, I would marry you in an instant...
damm your wife!
I'll be your misstres just to have you around"*

I've missed you.
I missed our intense breakfasts
our obsession with smoking
and the long
long hours of talking.

You just stood silent at the other end of the line,
listening with a patience you never had.
By the time I finish my drunken call
you inhaled deeply
and hung up.



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